My name is Ben Quinton

I was born in the South of England (Sussex) and we moved North to Manchester when I was three. I finished my UK schooling by doing an A-level in Art at South Trafford College. When I was seventeen I moved to New York to go to University and received an Associates Degree in Design and Photography from the State University of NY.

After University I started work at a printing company, part of the second largest printing company in the world. Working forĀ  clients like Lowes, Walmart, and The New York Times. After two years working there I moved back to England, living again in Manchester.

I have since worked for several companies doing design, including the 4th largest promotional merchandise company in the world. I worked there as a Lead Graphics Designer for over 5 years. This was great as I was able to work for all the Fortune 100 companies. It gave me a breadth of experience that I would never have gained if I was working for a single design firm. As a result I have worked on some of the largest accounts in the world and also some of the smallest. From creating full brand identities for part of the Caudwell Group (Phones 4U, PAS, LSG), Air Energi, Monarch Recruitment and others. To setting up print and signage for local restaurants. The smallest jobs I’ve worked on have been to create letterheads and business cards, which can be fun as you get to design new logos and styles. Undertaking larger and more complex design challenges definitely produces more satisfaction and recognition.

Although I loved living in New York ( and travel back regularly to see family) I also love my home country and city. I enjoy travelling to new places which helps me to express things I see in my design and photography. My favourite cities in the world are New York, Paris, Amsterdam and London but I still have many more to see, so this may change. So far I have travelled in 26 States in the USA, all around Lake Ontario and Toronto Canada, The Dominican Republic, France, Italy, Amsterdam, Ireland, Malta, Turkey, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Singapore, Australia, Dubai, Quatar, India, Switzerland, Bulgaria and almost all of England, Scotland and Wales.